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Welcome to The Blender Encyclopedia, the most comprehensive training course available for Blender, a completely free 3D production suite.

With the tools and techniques covered in this course by CG Masters’ lead instructors Christopher Plush and Lee Salvemini, you can take full advantage of this completely free & open source software to bring all of your creative ideas to life.


What will you get with this course?

Over 51 hours of video training will be yours right way. On Udemy you can both stream the videos or download them straight to your computer. We cover each topic in detail, and you’ll be led step-by-step through the content. Plus, check out the resources included with the lectures throughout the course:

  • All the Blender files used in the lectures, complete with models, textures and other resources. This includes starting files so you can join in!
  • All Diagrams used in the lectures covering Blender tool details, examples of techniques we use, and even math related info-graphics.
  • And all resources can be used in your own projects as well! Just contact us first for license details.

You will get full access to this course forever, and you will have unlimited support from us in the Q&A section of each lecture.

An Overview of the Contents of this course:


User Interface and Navigation

A complete User Interface & Navigational guide. Created specifically for you to stay ahead of the pack with Blender 2.8’s new ‘Workspaces’, and layering systems. Learn all the latest catered hotkeys, which Blender is well known for. You will appear to be playing a piano concerto to others as you zoom around the software. After these chapters, you’re ready to put some headphones on with your favorite music, and get in the creative zone!


Mesh, Spline and Surface Modeling

All the chapters are made to work as single references, but we made sure to create a learning path along the way. After covering why 3D animation is possible, and the placement of all the UI and tools, it’s time to learn about Modeling in Blender. Here you’ll learn more than just the tools and techniques for modeling, but important concepts and technical aspects that help you truly understand what’s going on.


Rigging and Animation

Using the last decade of working as an industry animator, Lee Salvemini covers Rigging & Animation on all fronts. Lee: “Learn about Blender’s unique digital skeletal system (the best 3D joint system around for rigging and animating in my opinion!). Along with the methods to easily pose or animate a simple character, all the way to an accessory or armor covered video game hero character.”


Drivers, Constraints and Modifiers

Things get really epic from here, we move into Drivers, Constraints & Modifiers. This trinity of tool sets is your access to some of the most amazing effects possible in 3D that enable you to make the most of the software for Modeling and Animation. The outcomes from your work when combining these available tools will be outstanding.


Shaders and Texturing

The next areas covered are all about getting the realistic or stylistically believable materials for your creations. This is done through the magic of Shaders, material properties that you have access to in Blender, that combine to make any and all objects you see in the world (or your imagination), such as cloth, wood, metal, and everything in between. The options here are endless, and these lectures will cover everything. You’ll be amazed by how good the combination of materials look on your character, vehicle, spaceship, or anything else.


Rendering and Real-Time

You’re now an artisan with Blender, packed with all the information and knowledge to turn your dreams into a real, shareable output. The final stage of this process is Rendering. There are a couple of ways to do this, depending on the type of look you want to go for. The render engine Eevee is a new entry to Blender, and mimics the efficient, real-time rendering found in the AAA games you play. The other major one is Cycles: A fully ray-trace based render engine, used for realistic film VFX or Video Game cutscenes, and films like Wreck It Ralph.


CG doesn’t stop there, and we don’t either!

The more successful the course is, the more we can add to it! Past the main areas of Blender, the uses extend so far out, and we aim to cover as much as possible. With continued success of the course we’ll be creating more and more content. We’ve already added in new content such as an entire UV Mapping section, brand new Drivers section, and lots of updated lectures. And there is more to come! Our wish list is ready, and you can let us know what topics you’d like us to focus on and delve deeper into as well! We will be working closely with you all, and you will decide where The Blender Encyclopedia evolves.

See you in there, and Happy Blending!

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Duration: 52 hours
Skill Level: Any
Software: Blender 2.8x

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Trainer Info: Lee Salvemini

3D Enthusiast and trainer at CG Masters :)

Trainer Info: Chris Plush

Trainer and Co-Founder of CG Masters. I love Blender and I love teaching people how to use it.

Become a Master!

Become a Master!

$200  $15.99

Options and Bundles