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Space VFX Elements

Have you ever wanted to be a sci-fi filmmaker? Create your own Star Wars fan fiction in Blender? Or just add a jaw-dropping space render to your portfolio? Creating artistically pleasing space phenomena can be tricky. Quasars, gas giants, nebulae and black holes – these things can make you and your computer suffer…


After watching this video course you’ll be ready to create even the most complex space phenomena in Blender.

Check out what’s featured in this course:

  • Learn to create planets, starscapes, and gas clouds using image textures.
  • Create multi-layered planets with atmospheres.
  • Use procedural texturing to create any number of exo-planets.
  • Use procedural modeling techniques to create asteroids from scratch!
  • Create suns, quasars, comets, and black holes.
  • Includes bonus material such as micro-polygon displacement and a nebulae flythrough!
  • Also includers primer tutorials, the project files, and additional assets!

So join CG Master Aidy Burrows and Gleb Alexandrov from Creative Shrimp in an epic journey in this the ultimate guide to creating the galaxy in Blender. For more information go to Space VFX on

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Duration: 14 hours
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Software: Blender 2.7x, Krita, Gimp

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Trainer Info: Aidy Burrows

Aidy has worked as a professional Environment Artist over at TTFusion working on titles such as ‘LEGO City Undercover’ & the ‘LEGO Marvel’ & ‘LEGO Movie’ games. Although TTFusion primarily use Autodesk Maya as their main 3D package, ever since discovering Blender 2.5 Aidy has found reason to include Blender into his own personal production pipeline.

Beyond the work achieved at TTFusion, Aidy occasionally does some freelance music videos, has provided a Blender game asset creation course for the Blender Foundation (available on Steam and the Blender Cloud).

Trainer Info: Gleb Alexandrov

I’m 28 year old nerd who makes a living, creating weird digital art and educating the aspiring artists on Creative Shrimp. I know how hard it is to make an awesome art and how frustrating it is to start. I guess that’s why I love sharing the tutorials. My biggest hope is that it will help you to take your skills to the next level. I believe that every artist can make a living doing what she or he really wants. I follow this ethos myself (my wife helps me immensely). And I feel super lucky about that.

Become a Master!

Become a Master!


Options and Bundles