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Hard Surface Modeling in Blender

The hard-surface modeling industry is booming, no surprises since the love for hard surface creation has been strong for a long time! Now the amount of the opportunities out there for hard-surface modelers is IMMENSE: concept art for Sci-Fi movies, props for video games, real-world robotic design, 3d printing – you name it.

If you’ve ever seen the art of Daniel Bystedt, Master Xeon, Vitaly Bulgarov or Neil Blevins and any number of other amazing artists, you may know that feeling of awe and excitement… and frustration. Like, how do they manage to create such realistic, detailed models?


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Maybe you have come across these too, we want to give a huge shout out to people who shared their modeling concerns with us on emails and Twitter…


  • Triangles and NGons are a headache
  • The boolean operations are really hard to master
  • Ways to create nice bevelled edges
  • Cutting holes into curved surfaces
  • General shading issues
  • Topology is a mess
  • Where to add edgeloops, how to control edgeflow
  • Creating smooth transitions from one shape to another


 hard surface modeling in blender problems


It actually took each of us more than 10 years to accumulate enough modeling knowledge to be confident about it.



So basically we thought, what would it look like if we condensed all the knowledge required to get up and running with the hard-surface modeling, including practical AND theoretical stuff, and just put together a video course.

That’s everything you need to know to create robots and other hard-surface stuff in Blender. The comprehensive guide to the super powerful modeling workflows plus 6 hours of theory. All the right boxes ticked.

It’s like watching a whole Game of Thrones season, but about 3d modeling in Blender.

It probably won’t make you Vitaly Bulgarov, but you’ll feel WAY more confident about your modeling skills.



The first part of the video course, the side A as we call it, is aimed at the beginner users. It’s the essentials of modeling theory and primers and the showcase of the most popular modeling tools and techniques (6 hours).

The side B on the other hand, requires a pretty solid understanding of the basic modeling tools and principles, UI and so on. It’s aimed at the intermediate users (7 hours).



All the necessary .blend files are included

A Kitbash Set. Joints, hinges, latches, cables and many other things.

All project files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Feel free to use these assets in your projects, even commercial.


So join CG Master Aidy Burrows and Gleb Alexandrov from Creative Shrimp to make hard surface easy.

Become a Master!


Options and Bundles
Duration: 14 hours
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Software: Blender 2.7x

Image and Video Gallery

hard surface modeling in blender foot
hard surface modeling in blender cable
hard surface modeling in blender front
hard surface modeling in blender nerds
hard surface modeling in blender kitbash
hard surface modeling in blender main
hard surface modeling in blender
hard surface modeling in blender back
hard surface modeling in blender top back
hard surface modeling in blender top
hard surface modeling in blender eye
hard surface modeling in blender kitbash2
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Trainer Info: Aidy Burrows

Aidy has worked as a professional Environment Artist over at TTFusion working on titles such as ‘LEGO City Undercover’ & the ‘LEGO Marvel’ & ‘LEGO Movie’ games. Although TTFusion primarily use Autodesk Maya as their main 3D package, ever since discovering Blender 2.5 Aidy has found reason to include Blender into his own personal production pipeline.

Beyond the work achieved at TTFusion, Aidy occasionally does some freelance music videos, has provided a Blender game asset creation course for the Blender Foundation (available on Steam and the Blender Cloud).

Trainer Info: Gleb Alexandrov

I’m 30 year old nerd who makes a living, creating weird digital art and educating the aspiring artists on Creative Shrimp. I know how hard it is to make an awesome art and how frustrating it is to start. I guess that’s why I love sharing the tutorials. My biggest hope is that it will help you to take your skills to the next level. I believe that every artist can make a living doing what she or he really wants. I follow this ethos myself (my wife helps me immensely). And I feel super lucky about that.

Become a Master!

Become a Master!


Options and Bundles