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Creating Thor’s Hammer – Blender for Beginners

Enhance your Blender skills with this step-by-step course on creating the most iconic weapon of all time. In this beginner’s course you’ll learn how to model, texture, and composite Thor’s hammer from start to finish.

By the end of the course you’ll have learned many different modeling techniques and tools and you’ll gain a better understanding of how to approach the modeling process in general.

You’ll learn all about using Blender’s node editor to create procedural shaders such as steel and leather totally from scratch. Once the shaders are complete we’ll prop the hammer up on some rocks and set up realistic environment lighting using an HDR image. Finally we’ll fire up Blender’s compositor and add some post processing to the rendered scene. We’ll be adding in a background, playing with color balance, and adding in some lightning bolts for the final touches.

Check out what’s featured in this course:

  • Learn the basics of subsurf modeling
  • Learn how to use modifiers such as array, shrinkwrap, bevel, and more.
  • Quickly add HDR environments for scene lighting in Cycles
  • Build complex procedural shaders from scratch in Blender’s node editor.
  • Use Blender’s compositor for color balancing, adding in a background, and adding some lightning bolts to complete the final render.
  • Includes bonus chapters on micropolygon displacement and an intro to Blender’s all-in-one Principled shader!
  • The final blend file is also included!

You’ll only require basic experience with Blender in order to follow along with this course. Each chapter is step by step and on top of me saying the hotkeys as I’m using the tools there are also key callouts at the bottom of the videos. And as always if you have any trouble you can email me at for one-on-one help.

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Duration: 4 hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Software: Blender 2.7x

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Sample Chapter from the Course
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Trainer Info: Chris Plush

Chris is the co-founder of CG Masters. Chris has been using Blender for over 15 years. Chris refers to himself in the 3rd person in biographies. I'm a freelance artist and Blender trainer. I love Blender and I love teaching people how to use it. I've worked on many different types of projects including the open project Yo Frankie produced by the Blender Foundation.

Become a Master!

Become a Master!


Options and Bundles