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Character Creation Volume 3.5 – Cycles Convert

In this condensed training DVD, Greg Zaal (taking the reins from Lee Salvemini’s finished Ninja character in Volume 3) shows you everything you need to know to create your own realistic and physically accurate Cycles materials.

Check out what’s featured in this course:

  • Blend files included for every stage of the process, including most demonstrations
  • A comprehensive help and info page including links to further reading
  • Translate methods used for Blender Render to Cycles
  • Setting up reliable HDR lighting
  • Discover the possibilities of node-based materials
  • Conductive (metallic) vs. non-conductive materials
  • Optimizing thin glass and the cornea
  • Setting up reusable node groups
  • Destructive and non-destuctive render optimization
  • Using the Node Wrangler add-on
  • The difference between the glossy distribution functions and where you should use them

Not only will you learn how to use the Cycles render engine, you’ll also learn the core principles of physically based shading. Using the ninja character as an example, we’ll go through all the various kinds of surfaces and study how and why they look the way they do, and then replicate that using node-based materials.

This DVD is aimed at Blender users who have previous experience with the old Blender Render engine and would like to begin their adventures with the modern path tracer, Cycles. But if you’re new to materials and textures in general, don’t worry, all the basics are explained thoroughly.

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$20  $10.99

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Duration: 2hr 29min
Skill Level: Intermediate
Software: Blender 2.7x

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Trainer Info: Greg Zaal

Greg Zaal is a technical 3D expert, with artistic roots. He started young in animation and is now a passionate CG generalist who specializes in shading and lighting. He’s worked on a handful of serious Blender productions such as the award-winning musical, En Passant, and works full time in a local animation studio as a technical director. On the education side, Greg is a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer with over 100 tutorials and articles across renowned websites such as CG Cookie and Blender Nerd, ranging from quick tips to long multi-part series. See more of his work at

Become a Master!

Become a Master!

$20  $10.99

Options and Bundles