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Free Tutorial

If you don’t have your own bow to work with, download the start file for this tutorial below. This tutorial series will take you through rigging and animating a bow and arrow. The goal for this series is to use this rig in a game to aim and shoot arrows with, but the rig in this tutorial is made for general animation as well. In this first part, we’ll rig the bow so that it bends back automatically when you pull back just one bone. We’ll do this by using IK constraints and a super awesome Limit Distance constraint. Thanks to Lee for helping me get past some obstacles finding […]

Free Tutorial

Learning Python! *This tutorial is up to date with the latest version of Blender. If you come across any errors please leave a comment below.* In this beginner’s BGE Python tutorial you’ll learn how to use Python scripting in Blender to make a car move, increase in speed, and stop. Keep in mind the boxcar is simply used as an example of working with Python, not car physics. This tutorial will teach you the basics of Python scripting for the Blender game engine, including accessing and changing logic brick information through scripting. Before getting started, if you’re new to Python and for more general information on Python including formatting, statements, […]

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