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Coming Soon – Master Car Creation in Blender

Posted by Chris Plush on Jun 26, 2018

Update – The course will now include shading and rendering!

Almost Finished!

The to-do list is finally dwindling down for my Blender 3D training course on creating a Corvette Stingray! Everything you need to know about 3D car modeling is packed into this step-by-step guide. I’ll take you through each stage of the creation process and show you tons of tips and tricks that will make you a master of hard surface modeling.

Our focus will be modeling the challenging curvy exterior of the Corvette. We’ll be taking some of the methods from my previous Jeep course, Complete Vehicle Production in Blender, and really dialing them in along with a number of other new techniques to tackle the far more curvy surfaces of a sports car. Although sports cars are considered more difficult than something boxy like a Jeep, with the way I’ve broken down the process and the enhanced techniques taught, following along will be even easier for you than my previous course.

Preview Gallery

First check out some previews for a taste of what’s to come, then scroll down for a closer look of what you can expect from this course.



Get Perfect Curves with Advanced Modeling Techniques

The biggest hassle of subsurf modeling is dealing with adding details to curved surfaces and having that additional topology ruin your smooth surfaces. In this course I’ll show you methods that bypass that problem entirely so you can maintain your perfect curves without any hassle. Not only are the results perfect, but the workflow is actually fun and much faster when you don’t have to worry about every detail affecting your surfaces. Plus one of the best benefits is total and care-free control over the resulting topology of your model.



Check out these curves!


Advanced Modifier Usage for Efficiency and Awesomeness

Modifiers are so insanely powerful, and can be combined in so many ways to achieve really complex tasks. In this course you’ll learn a ton of different and unique ways to use modifiers. From general complex modeling tasks, to other things like instantly getting your windshield wipers flush against the windshield surface, we’ll be using modifiers to make our lives easier in making just about everything.

Modifiers for Tire Modeling

Modifiers are absolutely key to easily and efficiently building tires. To create the tires for the Stingray we’ll simply model a flat strip of treads and then we’ll get a little clever with modifiers to wrap it around the rim seamlessly.



Modifiers for Automatic Bevels

With a little modifier magic you can automatically create perfect bevels between two separate objects without having to join them together. What could’ve been a huge hassle to do manually now only takes a couple mouse clicks.



Highest Quality Modeling

All of the techniques in this course are designed to have you modeling high-end film quality 3D cars that can also be used for normal map baking onto game models. You’ll learn how to avoid all the common pitfalls of subsurf modeling and achieve amazing results with techniques that can be applied to any and all hard surface models. This course will give your skill level and workflow a major boost and you’ll be creating 3D models better and smoother than ever before.



Stay Tuned!

Keep up to date with my progress on the course (and upcoming course giveaways) on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Also enjoy our free weekly tutorials while you wait!


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