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Blender 2.8 Release News, Updates & Project Overview

Posted by Lee Salvemini on May 09, 2019

In this new video, we have a bunch of information regarding the upcoming large version update for Blender.

0:56 ⏩ Blender news – We have a ballpark release date for 2.8??

2:41 ⏩ Recent 2.8 beta updates – Comparing a build from a few months ago, to a few days ago

15:55 ⏩ Project overview – An overview of a WIP 2.8 project I’ve been working on

Project File –…


Blenderella Character Training DVD (My base Creative Commons model for the project)…

You might also notice the old 2.8 build in ‘Updates’ had a full-screen window issue while recording. But hopefully it isn’t too bad to see the comparisons!

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