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Water Uber Shader in Cycles

Posted by Chris Plush on May 04, 2015

Luca Scheller shows you how to create an awesome water shader in Cycles. This tutorial was First Place in our Blender 2.74 tutorial contest. More contests will be held with each new release of Blender. Follow us on facebook to keep an eye out for these and other contests.

Created by: Luca Scheller

Check out his websites:
Luca’s Website
Luca’s Portfolio
Luca’s Facebook Page
Luca’s ArtStation Page

Download the project files here:

Tutorial Files

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Comments (6)

Michael Durrer
Michael Durrer

How do you import this in a project?! It’s just a python BPY project file. I imported it via the text editor, which seems to work kind of…
Clear instructions would be nice.

Joseph Brandenburg
Joseph Brandenburg

Fake absorption shouldn’t be given to the volume output, right? It doesn’t use volumetric shaders, so I always mix it in with the surface shader.

Joseph Brandenburg
Joseph Brandenburg

Although I guess it doesn’t matter if it still looks good!

John Smith
John Smith

Great tutorial! Can you please tell me where you got your HDR from?

Aidy Burrows

High John, I haven’t spoken to Luca about this yet, but one of the best place for HDR’s is

Greg Zaal has some amazing and crazy cheap ones available here too as well as some great free ones! 🙂

Hope that helps. 🙂 Aidy.

Perry Sieber
Perry Sieber

Awesome Tutorial Luca!!