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UV Exercise & The UV Project modifier for Auto Global UV’s in Blender

Posted by Aidy Burrows on Sep 04, 2014

Flex those Blender UV skills with what should be a couple of simple UV exercises correcting uv’s after extrusion.

We’ll also be taking a look at realtime UVW auto alignment. Blender’s UV Project modifier will be particularly useful here.

Finally we’ll wrap things up by taking a look at the UV Move addon by kgeogeo.


01:28 – 1st Exercise
04:36 – 1st Exercise Fast
05:13 – 2nd Exercise
08:48 – 2nd Exercise Fast
09:52 – 2nd Exercise Alternate
11:27 – UV Project Modifier
12:43 – UV Project Modifier Setup
17:33 – MoveUV’s Addon

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Comments (2)

Reverend Speed
Reverend Speed
Incredibly useful tutorial, Aidy! I’ve used a few of these techniques before to good effect, but kgeogeo’s addon is new to me – I’m really looking forward to sitting down and playing around with that! I’ll heartily second your call for a programmer who can tackle a non-texture-scaling extrude in Blender. It’s something I’ve been looking for for the longest time – it’s such a useful feature for architecture and swift iteration and development of game levels. Worth looking at this video from 6.50 onwards: That’s a pretty good demonstration of the workflow that the exercises (1&2) and UV… Read more »
Aidy Burrows

Glad it was helpful! Let’s hope for that sort of addition to the core code at some point! – Aidy 🙂