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Tiling Coin Texture in Blender Tutorial

Posted by Aidy Burrows on Dec 04, 2014

Need to create the illusion of millions of polygons? For games or film production that’d be pretty handy.

Sounds like we need some tiling textures. No problem. Here I’ve outlined one way to do it in Blender.


IN A RUSH? You can skip the first 22 minutes if you want to get straight to the texture tiling section.

Here’s the chapter list of what’s covered…

00.30 Coin Modeling

03.13 Coin Face Baking

13.55 Coin Material

22.00 Placing The Coins

28.04 Making It Tile

33.45 Setting Up To Render

35.03 Baking Rendering

43.06 Final Shader

Hope you find it useful!



Here’s a basic node setup for the final shader. Note we’re not using the occlusion bake here.

simple tiling gold coins cycles shader setup

blender tutorial tiling texture coins


For the gold coin that we create in the first half of the tutorial here is the basic node setup and example of the shader on a material sphere.

simple gold procedural cycles material

procedural cycles gold material blender



The environment textures featured in this tutorial can be found here :

Hope you find this useful, if you use any of these ideas please let me know in the comments! Thanks! – Aidy. 🙂

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Comments (4)


Thank you. Great videos. So much useful information in one video… it’s so well explained. I am glad I found this site.

Anthony Calderone
Anthony Calderone

I have not gotten to the coin section of the animation and environment series yet, is this the same shader node set up?

Aidy Burrows

Hi Anthony! I think that’s a pretty good chapter to go through on the DVD, the shader here for it though is a bit different compared to on the DVD i’ve tweaked it a little here to make it more golden. Plus the process on the DVD is done for both the internal rendering setup and cycles.

The main thrust of this tutorial though is the tiling workflow for ‘some’ objects, whatever they may be. – Aidy. 🙂

Anthony Calderone
Anthony Calderone

Cool, thanks. If they were the same I was going to wait but now I think I’ll play with it a bit.