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The Animation Primer – Overview Plus Free Chapter!

Posted by Lee Salvemini on Jul 16, 2016

Hi guys!

I’d like to welcome you to the release of the Animation Primer!

If you’ve been wanting to get into 3D animation, or improve your skills. I’m extremely happy to offer this reference kit for animation, that should serve you throughout your journey.


Most who are interested in animation present some great ideas and the creativity shows, but often times can’t reach that nice fluid and smooth level of animation. That is, without completely losing the pops, and that ‘weird stuff’ that can throw the consistency of the movements. There is a real reason for that! For each sequence there are a lot of factors for taming an animation, not to mention getting the correct foundation to turn your block into a detailed and polished shot or sequence

I’m happy to present the animation primer as a bridge to that gap, with content made with the aim of pushing your animation to that next level, getting rid of all the roadblocks and difficult situations you can end up with while animating. I’ll cover areas in both Tools and Techniques that will allow your animation to really shine above, and have a professional quality and look. I’ve catered the chapters to be viewed over a weekend to be of help to animations and projects you are working on now, and also have the ability to revisit chapters and delve into the details and practices to assist in future projects and situations.


The Primer: In a Nutshell…

We’re going to go from the very start of animation, and work up to creating smooth powerful movements. Without that feeling that you’re fighting the tools or struggling to get nice fluid motions at each step. By the end of the course content, you will be armed with knowledge on how we can create animations quicker and with better quality, knowing each step required to avoid the foundation falling apart.

We’ll be using Blender as our full 3D package for the course, but the tools and techniques contained are completely software transferable! All animation tools have been industry standard, and similar to other software I’ve used throughout my animation career, ranging from MotionBuilder, to 3ds max and Maya. Animation is fantastic in being one of the most program non-specific areas in 3D.


Let’s go over the chapters and content!

The Tools Module:

The aim here is to start from the foundation, terms and technical utilities we have as animators are covered in the tools module.

  • – Basics of Blender 2.7x
  • – World Space
  • – Interacting With Objects
  • – The Timeline
  • – The Dopesheet
  • – The Graph Editor
  • – Heirarchy
  • – Keyframes
  • – Rotations (Euler & Quaternions)
  • – Forward & Inverse Kinematics (FK/IK)
  • – Pose Library
  • – Frames Per Second
  • – Motion Paths
  • – Bone Groups
  • – Constraints


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The Techniques Module:

Following from the Tools Module, we can really concentrate on the creative side of animating, in the techniques module. Here I’ll arm you with animation principles and methods that help in situations animators face often on any given project.

  • – Silhouette & Pose
  • – Anticipation (Antics)
  • – Squash & Stretch
  • – Timing
  • – Staging
  • – Moving Holds & Ease In/Out
  • – Block To Polish
  • – Arcs


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The Focus Module:

Lastly, some topic specific chapters will be looked at in the focus module. Here I’m able to take us off road to cover lip sync and facial animation with a shot. Some great info and work on finger and hand animation, and creating a walk cycle, which in effect has principles to follow for many motion cycles you’ll be wanting to create.

  • – Facial Animation
  • – Animating a Walk Cycle
  • – Animating Hands & Fingers


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I hope this gives a bit of an introduction and overview of the course and what I’ve been able to put together.

If you’re interested to begin The Animator’s Journey, follow the image header links at the top and bottom to check out the product page, where I have some further screens, video sample and more general overview of the course! If you have any queries about the Primer or general questions please feel free to send us an Email at .

I’m so proud to finally put together all the ideas and methods that have taken me through my entire animation career, and I really hope you find the training course both enjoyable and educational. Happy Blending!!

[Interested to see more? Check out a FULL CHAPTER of The Animation Primer below]

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