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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Posted by Chris Plush on Mar 14, 2013

Check Aidy out before he was a CG Master! In this Blender overview tutorial Aidy Burrows takes you through different techniques and skills used to create a short animation, including dynamic paint for animation, tree modeling, and more. This was the 2nd place entry in our February 2013 video tutorial contest.

Created by: Aidy Burrows
Check out his website:

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Comments (4)

Warren D. M. Reed
Warren D. M. Reed
wow that was packed with useful ideas. funny how you can miss or overlook things that can really help, so thanks for pointing those out, like the vertex smooth, and the fact you can animate the trees. now all I need is for them to add coconut palms to the sapling add on! I wonder is the bproj gone? I don’t find it in my user preferences. oh, and thanks also for more on the dynamic paint and lattice. I keep facing ‘how can I…” and these, I forget and also, need to get more familiar with. asante sana!
Aidy Burrows

You’re very welcome! Glad you liked the ideas! 🙂 I haven’t used the bproj stuff for a while since the paint tools have generally improved overall since this video. There’s so many things to play with within Blender! 😀 Aidy.

Willis V. Watkins

I’ve actually already made this tutorial once before. About 2 years ago infact. But over time, the tutorial became outdated, due to the “sticky” texture coordinates being removed from blender.


Thank you!
Great tutorial, everything is well and clearly explained.