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Realtime PBR in Blender

Posted by Aidy Burrows on Aug 24, 2016

After this PBR video you’ll know…

  • An amazing great indie game project using Blender > Unreal Engine 4 = Swarm : Manchester. ;D
  • Several realtime PBR solutions for Blender that emulate the Unreal Engine 4 look and material inputs.
  • PBR sometimes stands for Professional Bull Riders.
  • You caught me out since this list is padded with non information such as this line.
  • How to quickly setup the experimental real-time Cycles build
  • Proper Fresnel in Blender internal and it’s limits.
  • A new blender game engine in development.
  • A sense of completion for reading all the way this far down the bulletpoint list. Bulletpoint list reading level up!

Real-Time PBR Blender internal file can be found here.


UE4 vs Blender

I’ve been texturing and developing for my own game project in Unreal Engine 4 – Swarm : Manchester. Something I found a growing need for was a real-time display of the UE4 PBR setup within Blender.

PBR in a game engine means we need these textures….

? Roughness

? Metalness.

But where do we put them in Blender?

So I’ve dug around and created my own solution and been generally keeping my eye on the scene, and now I’d like to present in this video the best real-time PBR options currently available for Blender and how to use them.



Check out the image below, that’s pretty close for blender internal right?! It’s a reasonable approximation surely! The biggest thing missing is the Fresnel – check out how on the UE4 sphere there’s a greater reflection at the glancing angles – that’s Fresnel in action. So in the video we go into why that is and possible solutions.


pbr blender ue4 compare




PBR Real-time shader for Blender Internal.

Swarm : Manchester Game Project.

Malte Szellas UE4 Cycles Shader Youtube how-to. 

Experimental Real-Time Cycles Build by Clément Foucault.

Daily build of blender

UE4 PBR Documentation.

Epic’s Showdown Virtual Reality Video

HDRI Haven – Sweet Environment Maps.

Blender 2.8 Viewport project.

New in development Blender Game Engine Proejct – Armory 3D.


There’s always room to develop the shader further, so if you do decide to take it further or take it another way, you know i’m interested so keep us posted!