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Polygon Hair Modeling

Posted by Lee Salvemini on Apr 23, 2011

Learn how to use mesh planes in Blender to create resource-efficient hairstyles for your characters without using particles. Includes UV unwrapping the hair strands as well as setting up the materials for them.

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Comments (14)


Thank you for this, its a great Tutorial.

Lee Salvemini
Lee Salvemini

Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you found it helpful!! -Lee


Hi, i’m a 2 weeks blender user and i followed your tutorial.Great by the way!
The only thing is that you skip the part where to create the texture for the hair and how to add it to the hair.
Do you have any links or any “step by step” tutorial to do it?

Thank you for your awesome tutorial and maybe later


oh lord! love your tuto!… this is exactly what i was looking for! after months n months searching on the web for this, finallly i got it! thanks a lot dude, u have made my day! i didnt know it could be so easy to do…


This Tutorial very helpfull for my first character. If I may to asking another tutorial for set entire body with litle hair. I mean like a monkey hair. The hair not just in head, right! LOL…


thank you so much for this tutorial! i’ve been looking for this for about two days, how to make a polygon hair mesh look like hair without using the particle system. very simple and very easy! thank you!