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Offset an Animation Cycle in Blender

Posted by Lee Salvemini on Jan 18, 2015

Recently I was working on animation for a freelance project and had created some walk cycles for the characters where they moved forward in space as they took steps (rather than on the spot and moving the character later). It had been a while since I had needed to repeat this type of cycle and also wanted to have some ability to modify, layer on top of the base animation, and also completely edit any part of the animation if I wanted later.

So in this tutorial I’ll share with you some of the outcomes of fiddling with the NLA and being able to have some nice non-slipping walk cycles, with the ability to add more motion onto it per shot!

Download Blend File for this tutorial.

Character from BlendSwap


Also check out a vlog video made that goes over the general scene creation in more detail!


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