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Making a 3D Pretzel – Blender for Beginners

Posted by Chris Plush on Aug 20, 2018

In this beginner’s Blender tutorial series I’ll take you through the step by step creation of a soft pretzel. In this first video we’ll be modeling everything in the scene including the pretzel, the plate, and the salt. In the second video we’ll be texturing and rendering the final scene.

Download the project files to get started

Click here to watch our primer series if you’re brand new to Blender


Part 1 Summary

In the first part of this series you’ll learn about working with both curve objects and mesh objects to achieve different modeling tasks. We’ll also be using things called modifiers which help us construct complex details in our models. We’ll be using modifiers such as subdivision surface for getting extra smooth surfaces, beveling to achieve rounded corners, and solidify to give objects thickness.

We’ll also be using particle systems to randomly distribute salt on the pretzel’s surface, as well as on the plate and the table.


Part 2 Summary

In the second and final part of this series we’ll be texturing everything in the scene. You’ll learn about normal mapping to fake bumpy surfaces, using vertex paint to show different colors on the pretzel surface, and you’ll learn about Blender’s all-in-one Principle shader node. You’ll also learn about using HDRI’s to realistically light your scene, and then what settings to use to render out your final image. You’ll learn all the basics of texturing and rendering in this one.