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GameDev #3 : Game Design Documents

Posted by Aidy Burrows on Sep 19, 2014

I’ve got some upcoming tutorials, breakdowns and a basic demo coming very soon. Right now though I’d like to introduce…… (drum roll please!!) THE GAME DESIGN DOCUMENT!!!!

Yeah I know right?! Not particularly exciting stuff. BUT! Stay off the moors and stick with me if you think you might go down this gamedev road too.

Game Design Doc
The Fabled Game Design Document

What’s a Game Design Doc Good For? What’s The Point?!!!

Well that’s an abrupt start with a faint touch of despair. The main thrust of a design document is to get the idea out there, the earliest prototype of what it is. The fastest way to get your idea from out of your head and into the real world.

2 main use cases for a design document…

  1. The first use case is where the most good is done with a document and that’s in large groups to keep everyone on track.
  2. Though they are also good for small groups (even just an army of one!) to just pinpoint what it is that you’re trying to do.

The mind has a tendency to flit around chasing after whatever is right in front of it. These distractions might be for example to include the latest fad such as the game must now have motion control, or have no onscreen GUI, or be post apocalyptic or whatever, all those things are great but are those things part of the core reason to play your game?

The result of creating the document might show that perhaps there isn’t really a good reason to make the game aside for the fun of creating it. Which is fine, but if you have investors (these might be people giving you time, resources or money) then this might be a reason to shift gears and do something that you’ll have fun creating but also has a chance of benefiting someone else somewhere down the line.

In practice, not everyone is going to read your design document. In a large team you might be surprised how many people just want to know what they’re expected to do and just get on with that.


So Why Have I Decided to Make a Design Document?

Well ‘document’ can be a pretty loose term, my first ‘document’ was just a couple of scribblings in a text file and a couple of tests in a blend file. That was enough to prove the idea had enough merit to me to expand a bit.

So what follows is my basic design document for the project. Here are the categories/chapters I’ve decided to go with to help communicate the idea to myself and to other people…

  • Name
  • Premise
  • Overview
  • Back story
  • Enemies
  • Player defense and weapons
  • Goal & victory conditions
  • Art style
  • Audio
  • Map
  • Target platforms/distribution
  • Unique aspects
  • Further considerations
  • Similar existing ideas

While this might not be too necessary as I have the idea fairly clear in my head. It will of course help others who want to follow along with some of the art creation and provide general design decisions a bit more context.

Also it might help me to stay on course with whatever it was I thought was the reason to make the game. To check my development doesn’t stray too far from my early justifications. Or conversely show that changes are necessary based on new ideas or information.

You’ll notice I have a section for ‘Further considerations’ this is something definitely worth thinking about even though these ideas might not be included in the early iterations of the game/franchise.

I’ve placed marketing here as though it’s just an afterthought. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve definitely given this a lot more thought than might be suggested here. I’ve left that aspect out of this document because I’d prefer to keep this more art and design than business. Partly because this might be uninteresting to most people and partly possibly because it’s laborious to keep track of in this form here. Though i’ll certainly share requested details or pertinent findings along the way.

I’ve included a ‘similar titles’ section too, this is for reference, and is in some small way to make sure i’m not treading ground that has been too commonly tread before, or at least in my opinion anyway.

A similar title – Pacman – The first survival horror game?

Oh and one last thing, if it wasn’t obvious before this will probably be edited and evolve so nothing is especially written in stone here. Mostly it’s written with zero’s and one’s on google docs.

Game Design Document Link

(you may get a ‘file unavailable’ error on that link occasionally, press the ‘reload’ option that comes up and it should then show up properly)

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If you also happen to be making a game at the moment, please post a link so I can follow your progress! – Aidy 🙂