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GameDev #2 : 5 Viewport Tips

Posted by Aidy Burrows on Jul 14, 2014

5 blender viewport tips for game environment


Ok I lied! There’s a few more tips mentioned and some handy modelling practices thrown in too.

Oh and also what pacman’s got to do with anything.



5 very important tips that are covered…

  1. Viewport mist

  2. Viewport shadows

  3. Better looking alphas

  4. Navigating with keyboard and mouse controls

  5. Realtime reflections


GLSL Textured View


Something that isn’t made explicit in the video but I’ll mention here is that for correct viewing you’ll need to set the viewport to use GLSL under the shading section of the properties sidebar (N key) and make sure your viewing mode is set to Textured! (Alt + z)


Also i’ll be getting the bridge mesh to tile and then quickly deform along a curve.

Bridge Curved


Let me know if you have any tips of your own in the comments below!

In the next installment we’ll be taking a look at some drawbacks and advantages of modularity. Until next time!!! – Aidy