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GameDev #1 Intro

Posted by Aidy Burrows on Jun 20, 2014

It Begins!

Hi, I’d like to introduce you to the first in a series of game development posts I’ll be making. After finishing the Complete Environment & Animation Project DVD I had at least one other idea that I wanted to get out there with the assets created in it. Hopefully you’ll be able to help me out as I go through this and suggest ideas or resolve any conflicts I have on certain directions I could take it.

I’ll fill you in more about what I had in mind in further posts. For now though I simply wanted to introduce an early pre-alpha stage viewport screenshot that I hope you’ll enjoy. For those new to the lingo, the alpha stage refers to a feature complete version of the game that might be missing lots of assets and be buggy as hell but at least can be played through. I’m not yet at that stage though I have got the basic layout of the level.


Basic Level Layout

Tutorials, Tips, Breakdowns

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be including some tutorials, tips and breakdowns related to this process. For example in order to get a whole environment made quickly I’ll be taking a very modular approach which comes with it’s own set of drawbacks so will be perfect for the topic of an upcoming tutorial.

Game related tutorials and more can be found under this category.

So until next time!!

– Aidy.