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[FREE CHARACTER] Character Creation Vol.2 – Rigging

Posted by Lee Salvemini on Sep 09, 2015

Included in this course, this chapter goes over all the components of the control rig and skinning for bringing a complex character model to life.

I’m also very happy to release the final rigged Ninja! [DOWNLOAD HERE]

(released under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution. You’re free to use these however you like but must credit Lee Salvemini as the author in whatever you use them.)

[Character Creation: Volume 2]

About: Lee Salvemini returns wtih Volume 2 of CG Masters’ ‘ Character Creation’ Training DVD series. This second installment will take the modeled Ninja and make it animation ready. The DVD begins by going over all the rigging tools from a fundamental level (great for beginners!), all the way to building professional level animation rigs seen in the industry today, with full control via python scripted custom sliders. Lee will also include solutions to problems you’ll come across while building a practical and powerful rig in blender.

This is truly a complete reference for rigging that you can come back to again at any point during your time learning Blender.

Bonus Chapters Include Rigging with Cloth Simulation, and what you need to know about Rigify, Blender’s auto-rigging system.

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