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Environment Animation in Blender 2.5

Posted by Lee Salvemini on Apr 29, 2011

This tutorial goes through techniques to rig and animate props and environment objects that you need full control over. Simulations have their uses but in this example, a video game sequence where the player causes a piece of debris to form a bridge, the placement must be the same every time. This can be achieved manually with keyframe animation. Here is a .zip of containing two blend files from the start and outcome of the tutorial.

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Comments (10)

eric warfish

now people can make draw bridges


hi. i live in an area where we do not get a good streaming of video, soi was wondering if there is a way to down load or by your videos?

Chris Plush
CG Master

Yeah you can download the videos on the vimeo page, just click the title below the video and it’ll take you there.


Was that gameplay from SWTOR?

Chris Hillger
Chris Hillger

It looked like Disney’s infinity


Thank you!!!

Martijn Bouman

Thanks for this tutorial, it gave me some better insights in animation.

I do have a question though. You are using LocRot. as keyframe type. What happens when i export that animation to for example Unity or Shiva3d ?

Will the animation happen at that exact same spot where i place it in the 3d environment or will it be at a fixed location all the time ?


In fixed location, the animation of anything is independent of its position in the world (of blender).