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Creating the Blast Effect from Inception

Posted by Chris Plush on Mar 14, 2013

Laustinart teaches you physics in the new Blender, camera tracking, animation and more in this tutorial which teaches you how to achieve the blast effect from the movie Inception. This was the 1st place entry in our February 2013 video tutorial contest.

Created by: Laustinart
Check out his websites: youtube channelportfoliotwittervimeo channel

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Comments (8)

axmal fauza
axmal fauza





Hello great tutorial. quick question. I’m not using your constrain, instead im trying to “fracture my fracture”. In the video your saying that one should just turn up the noise to 1 and some other stuff but its not working. When i click “ok” it just becomes a hollow cube and i get the “inverted” version of the fracture. Please, how do i fracture my shards one more time so that i can make a similar animation.


Where do I get the tutorial package?


thank´s a lot Chris

David Vega

you are amazing, i will try, i hope i can do this!!!! 🙂