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Creating Games with Unity and Blender

Posted by Lee Salvemini on Jul 10, 2018

This series of tutorials is dedicated to teaching you how to get started with the Unity game engine.

Part 1 – Introduction to Unity

This chapter will go over the basics of using Unity and give you an overview on adding and modifying blender assets in it for your game.

Part 2 – Creating a Game Start Screen

The second part goes over how to create a start screen for your game.

Download the Background .blend (right click & save as)
Download the Unity Project

Part 3 – Creating & Transitioning to a Main Menu in Unity (+Blender)

We’re adding some interesting stuff in part 3: Main Menu items & background, and a few scripts to change nicely from our start screen, to the main menu!

Download the Menu Background .blend (right click & save as)
Download the Unity Project

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