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Creating a Combat Knife Game Asset – Part 4 – Texturing in Substance Painter

Posted by Chris Plush on Jun 25, 2018

In the 4th and final part of this step-by-step game asset series we’ll be using Substance Painter to texture our combat knife. You can download the project files below including the final blend and substance files.

Download the Project Files
Final Knife Files

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This tutorial starts off with exporting meshes from Blender to use in Substance Painter. Then we’ll import the meshes into Substance and bake texture maps including automatically explode baking normal maps.

Then we’ll create masks for each part of the knife and then get down to texturing using all the insanely cool tools, materials, and mask generators Substance has to offer. It’s especially never been easier to create awesome edge wear for metal surfaces.

Once we’re finished the knife we’ll export the textures and then set it up for a render in its Iray renderer.

If you want to bring your textures back into Blender, follow the PBR MetalRough configuration instructions when we’re exporting in the video, and then set up your nodes in Blender like below. Click image for full size.

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