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Creating a Character Proxy Mesh (for easy animating!)

Posted by Lee Salvemini on Sep 04, 2015

Here is the next step (Check previous tutorial) in creating this character to be animated short film ready! Making a proxy version of a character that really allows you to jump into making shots without being rushed to completely skin and finalize the final character before animating.

Check out a free full chapter on creating proxy meshes from my rigging course – Creating a Proxy Mesh: Character Creation Vol. 2 – Rigging

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So after rigging and animating proxy mesh, you can just duplicate armature and parent it to high poly mesh that’s all?

Lee Salvemini
Lee Salvemini

Hi there!

That’s right 🙂 You can also, as I have done with a lot of characters, skin the high poly character to the same armature/rig, and just put the proxy onto another layer from the high poly. I do this so I can animate in the scene with the low poly version in the scene, and with a simple layer switch, can see how it looks with the final character (just with a bit slower frame rate in viewport). -Lee