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Create a Missile Turret Scene

Posted by Lee Salvemini on Dec 05, 2012

This overview tutorial will show how to create a cool missile turret shot, inspired by a cut scene in one of the Final Fantasy games. Know which one??

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Hi Lee,

I want to ask about blender problem regarding to this turret tutorial. I am using latest blender 2.65a. But why everytime I do the render for the animation it come out like this …..”Invalid number of channels 6, must be <=2".

I thought blender is already stabilize. So if you can help me, that will be great.


Hi Lee,

It was a great tutorial. But unfortunately your video blend.file got corrupted. Then when I tried to render the animation using image one by one, the file is already corrupted start from image 16. That’s why when I tried to record the video there was a rainbow flare came out. I’ll post it


Lot of tricks than i not seen since a long time, thank you for this good tutorial.


Best tutorial I’ve ever seen.


It worked.Unzipped the downloaded file without problem.thanks.Will follow your tutorial in latest Blender 2.65 release.Thanks