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Clouds Flythrough | Cycles Blender Tutorial

Posted by Aidy Burrows on Dec 15, 2016

After this Flythrough video you’ll know…

  • How to use a particle system to create a starfield.
  • How to create a star with built in streaks no compositing required.
  • Faking volumetrics with an array.
  • About the awesome Space VFX Elements series. 😉
  • A sense of completion for reading all the way this far down the bulletpoint list. Bulletpoint list reading level up!

Distance fade node group can be found here in this blend file.

HEY THERE! Space travellers! Cloud crusaders! Nebula, ummmm, peregrinators! (Had to break out the thesaurus for that one.)

Like the peregrine falcons of the sky (those guys can get to about 390 km/h – crazy speeds!) we’ll dive through stellar nurseries in this latest bonus and free tutorial from the Space VFX Elements Series!


Distance fade node group can be found here in this blend file.

Space VFX Series can be found here.

Owners of the course will have access to the flythrough project blend files (also in the resources pack).


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Comments (2)

Aidy Burrows

Thanks! I just uploaded the result video as it’s own thing, at around 15 seconds or so that’s exactly what I tried to go for, hope you like the result. Otherwise, it’d probably be possible to just desaturate the whole video and that might be possible for a more earthly scale result too. 🙂 Aidy.

Aidy Burrows

Happy new year! Good start to 2017! 😀 Glad you liked it, yeah sounds like you got the right idea with the min and max as the same and above the amount of geometry that gets stacked up usually with a little headroom! 😀 Aidy.