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Blender’s Armatures: A Crash Course

Posted by Lee Salvemini on May 01, 2011

In this tutorial we go through a rapid fire, crash course overview, of Blender’s armature system, the bones they are comprised of and all the little tricks and buttons available when making a skeleton rig for your character.

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Nice tutorial.

Rich Plewa
Rich Plewa

Can you update this tutorial for 2.76? Some of the methods don’t work the same.

Thank you a lot; a dense, yet quite synthetic tutorial for Rigging introduction. Very useful blending stuff! Note: I just was a little lost at the Rotation parameters, that is, those more advanced Euler XYZ options and etc., it seems a bit complicated, but since I’m an animator, it sounds fundamental to understand. I hope to find some more information on that later. Note2: I found very interesting the Lock Transformations info you’ve exposed. Actually, I expect to find locking options in Blender which would allow different degrees of rotation for each part (e.g., “This left shoulder joint, can rotate… Read more »

if all tutorials were that dense, i could speed up learning by videos a lot! i love it, because i can press the pause button all the time if the amount of information is too much. So more of that stuff please;)
you could add all the buttons you pressed in the video, because sometimes this helps recreating what you did.

Thanks for the tutorial!

Aidy Burrows

Thanks for the feedback Tim, we’ve all got some great ideas for a lot more dense videos! I hope you enjoy future installments 🙂 Aidy.