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Blender Tutorial : Hard & Soft Edges (Without Modifiers)

Posted by Aidy Burrows on Feb 18, 2016

After this quick video you’ll know about…

  • Hard and soft edges without a modifier
  • Hard and soft edges with the edge split modifier
  • Visualizing normals

Note : ‘Hard’ & ‘Soft’ Edges are thought of as being more Maya terms. Blender equivalents are ‘Sharp’ edges (Found under the Ctrl E shortcut for edges) and ‘smooth’ and ‘flat’ face shading (Found under the Ctrl F shortcut for faces)

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Warren D. M. Reed
Warren D. M. Reed

nice I didn’t know what to use that auto smooth for; is that possibly related to why my ctrl-e sharpening seems to have no effect? let me go check it out. I also got an idea for using the visualization= to help when modifying downloaded models with dense and or overlapping bits of geometry. off to try that, too. Roll on the quick tips! asante