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Blender 2.72 Feature – Pie Menus.

Posted by Aidy Burrows on Aug 12, 2014

Hot off the press at the time of writing is the new pie menu functionality that has been added to the main version of Blender.

Don’t panic!! If you really don’t like them, you’re safe, this is an addon and it’s not on by default so you can rest easy.

However, let’s say you’re a little peckish and you do find yourself tempted to take a little nibble at the pie then launch your user preferences, head over to the addons tab, and type ‘pie’ in the search filter. Enable the checkbox and go crazy gesturing your way through tools, views and settings.

For a pretty full take on it check out the video to see what’s cookin’.

It’s early days and I’m sure they’ll be a ton of feedback, in fact see some more links below for further details with what people are doing with this already.

Here we have an awesomely useful video demonstration from Sebastian König on scripting your very own custom pies. Many thanks to Sebastian for letting us CG Masterify him here! 🙂

What do you think of the feature? Think it has potential to enter your workflow?

– Aidy

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I would like to know where/how to open an existing python pie menu and change the order/location of which tools are in which pie slots. For Instance the pie menu set to “Z” by default changes the viewport view mode. I would like “Rendered” to be the top most option in the pie menu; and moved “Shaded” to where “rendered” currently resides.


Could u tell me how can i create pie with operators like mesh.delete(type=’VERT’), or bpy.ops.mesh.merge(type=’FIRST’). I am trying to make pie menu with merge at first, at last and at center but i have no idea how to deal with “type”?

Aidy Burrows

Yes!!! I haven’t written much of my own custom pies yet however I did try this…


And that seems to work! 🙂 – Aidy.

p.s. Check the thread here there are awesome downloads and experiments being done…


As a noob who relies on videos to learn how will using the pie menus affect watching a step by step procedure? Are the motions captured in the screen cast keys or will there be a lot of pausing on my end?

Chris Plush

Screencast keys only captures mouse and keyboard actions, it doesn’t give you information on what was clicked on. The effect of pie menus in training will all come down to the trainers pace of teaching. I don’t think it will detract from the learning experience. It may even add to it because it keeps the viewers focus on the area being worked on instead of needing to look away at the key printout to see what just happened. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about =)

Zach Hixson
Zach Hixson

…how long were you waiting to use that last line? lol

Aidy Burrows

lol! Yeah, that just sort of came out. Cheesy (a cheese pie?), yet hopefully an effective conclusion! 😀


Hi Aidy:

Thanks for this article. I did downloaded the latest build of Blender (2.71), but I don’t see the user interface category there. Am I missing something?


Yes, you need a development build from or to wait for the official 2.72 release


Thanks for the info 🙂