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Fixing Bevel Shading Using Weighted Normals

Posted by Chris Plush on Jun 21, 2017

This is an update to my last video on shading issues that occur when beveling smooth shaded objects. An add-on for weight normal calculation was suggested for fixing those shading issues and it’s amazing, you’ve got to try it out. So first download the add-on from the link here:

Put the script in blender’s scripts/add-ons folder, then enable the add-on in the user preferences. Now you can use the add-on by searching for it in the spacebar menu.

Thanks to duplivert for suggesting it and thanks to notallowed for creating it!

This technique does not give 100% perfect results but it’s super fast and the results are great. Below is my previous video on the topic which results in perfect shading without needing to apply the bevel modifier, though is bit more complex to pull off.

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Comments (6)

Adam Preisler

Hi, Actually there is a a bit finer less hacky way of doing this and that is to set the Profile in bevel to 1.00 and then choose between 2 and 3 segments. 2 segments is correct shading wise when compared to 50 segment 0.5 profile bevel but 3 segments make a nice corner that isn’t 90 degree sharp. Of course that isn’t possibly what you want for large radius bevels and for highpoly scenes but for anything else it rocks.


I just wanted to add that Y.A.V.N.E. does a similar thing and has some more options. Both of these have the disadvantage that you have to apply the Bevel Modifier though, which is why I also like your original hack.


So, if you duplicate the original object and then shrink wrap the duplicate over the original, do you end up with twice as many vertices and faces which it seems to me would increase the file size and the render time. Or is this like retopo where once you have finished retopo’ing you would delete or remove the orginal?