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Update – The course will now include shading and rendering! Almost Finished! The to-do list is finally dwindling down for my Blender 3D training course on creating a Corvette Stingray! Everything you need to know about 3D car modeling is packed into this step-by-step guide. I’ll take you through each stage of the creation process and show you tons of tips and tricks that will make you a master of hard surface modeling. Our focus will be modeling the challenging curvy exterior of the Corvette. We’ll be taking some of the methods from my previous Jeep course, Complete Vehicle Production in Blender, and really dialing them in along with a […]

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Blender 2.78 is out with some great new features and updates! Tons of new features and updates this release, including Cycles updates, modeling & animation improvements, add-on updates, bug fixes, and more.